Gas or LPG either way, its the warm heart of your home
Top flue?Or Rear flue? It's up to you.
Unreal flames real economy
Instant control from the comfort of your armchair
Clean burning stoves? Ours have been for over a century
21st century stoves built on a 19th century tradition
A stove with a touch of scandi style. Hand-built in Barnoldswick, Lancashire.

Product Measurements
& Technical Specifications

ESSE G550 dimensions
Efficiency 72.2%
Control Remote or Manual with pulse spark ignition
Heat Output 1.5-3.5kW
Flue type Class 1 or Class 2
Auto safety shut off Yes
Air vent required? No
Energy Rating
Manual control model E
Remote control model C
Clearance to non-combustibles
Left 50mm
Right 150mm
Rear 50mm
Clearance to combustibles

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You'll find that some of our dealers are labelled 'Exclusive', they typically have a number of different models on display and organise regular live cooking demos. If you're interested in attending one of our cooking demos, you can see our upcoming events on our events page.

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